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What is Super Champ?

Edtech has evolved to be at its prime today and still caters to only 1 crore students of the 25 crore students ready to learn. SuperChamp India is here to change that. We at DigiGrowHub have produced entertaining and informative instructional content for classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 12 which have specific and relevant content in Hindi and English, to address this issue and successfully contribute to educational equity for those who need it the most. We believe in equality and excellence for everyone when it comes to education, thus we are devoted to offering high-quality education at a reasonable cost to those who can afford it and for free to those who cannot.

How do the students benefit?

The SuperChamp web and mobile application provides several benefits for the students and provides them smooth and free access to quality education.

Life Time Subscription

Access to all the class wise contents for lifetime.

Education For All

Animated Content in Hindi and English.

Worksheets and Reports

Continuous comprehensive evaluation support .

Doubt Resolution

Ask any content related or technical doubts from our experts.

Gamified Learning

Drag and Drop, Connect Dots, Match the columns and many more to make yor learning engaging.

Gamified Learning

The SuperChamp web and mobile application provides 50+ games to drive effective learning on tenses, vocabulary, parts of speech and many more.

Life Time Subscription

Access to all the 50+ games contents for lifetime.

Drag & Drop

Animated Content of Games with Drag and Drop feature.

Matching Infographics

Interactive Games to learn English Grammar.


Challenging puzzles to make learning more appealing.

Gamified Learning

Connect the dots feature to visualize learning of Tenses and Phrases

Call for Collective action

Help us Help you. Dual language and short span content to conduct and deliver complex content in a streamlined and easy way. On a path to drive literacy we have installed 50 + engaging games on tenses, vocabulary,phrases,spelling, weather and many more with features like drag and drop, connect the dots , match the following and many more.

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