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About DigiGrowHub

About DigiGrowHub

DigiGrowHub is an innovative growth and learning ecosystem which provides job-oriented programs along with internships and placement assistance.

The company has developed education solutions to address a $9.6 Billion+ market opportunity.

The company has completed important Academic collaborations with 50 + World-leading Universities including NMIMS, SIBM, IIT, IIM, etc.

The company has launched 88+ training programs that inculcate high standards in the learning process of students as well as professionals.

Our mission is to bring people together for advanced E-Learning through a community of professionals with the purpose of providing leadership, information, and resources.

Our Vision is to become an essential resource through the implementation of best practices, exceptional technical support, and commitment to innovative educational techniques.

Job Oriented Courses

Why Us?

Simple you can learn in the way your calibre can accept. We know you are different from others, here you can get a course which fits you. With over a decade of experience in teaching, we understood what you need. Let it be your career or just an add-on skill we teach you in a natural way. Our job oriented courses inculcate high-standards in your learning process. 

With DigiGrowHub you could be a step ahead in this competitive world. You could experience joyful learning with DigiGrowHub. Feeling diverted and not ready for job? So here is a perfect job oriented course for you. Let you decide your personality.

With our job oriented courses Don’t let anyone decide your career path. DigiGrowHub helps you in being self-reliable. Feed your brain with the rich it is not a dog! Choose DigiGrowHub now to take your career into your hands. Do not sit like corn get up and learn with DigiGrowHub. Contact our team now to unfold a new beginning in your life!

Our Approach & USP's

Phase 1: Basic

Goal: Equip students with basic skills needed for the training program

Phase 2: Intermediate

Goal: Student can Track progress after the end of each module

Phase 3: Advanced

Goal: Advanced courses to strengthen knowledge in a particular field

Phase 4: Corporate Internship Program

Goal: Corporate Applications about your field before they officially enter the workforce

Phase 5: Campus to Corporate

Goal: In professional growth & journey of the students

Phase 6: Job Assistance

Goal: To help ones who just finished university studies and looking for a job

Our Alumni

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