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Digital Marketing and its trends

What Is Digital Marketing?
Well, it’s simple, when we use Internet, social media platforms, Search
engines and various other Digital Channels to reach customers, that is
called Digital Marketing.
Now, to make the most out of Digital marketing, it is important to know
the changing trends of it, to get the best results, one must know about
what works and what doesn’t.

There are plenty of trends of Digital Marketing out there, but here we’ll
see the Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020.
If you are someone who wants to grow their network, and spread the
word about who you are and what you provide, it’s best to go digital.

Nowadays, people tend to use mobile phones, laptops, and other
electronic Gadgets, So, if you reach out to a particular audience from
your particular niche, it’s best to go online and spread the word.
Here are Top 10 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020 that you need to
know in order to get the best results this year!

  1. Chat bots
    Chat bot is an AI based software, that can interact with customers 24/7,
    it responds to any question a customer has anytime, whether it’s day or
    Many people prefer this function because of its availability and
    Precise responses. Many organizations are already using this
    technology to stay in touch with their customers whenever needed.
  1. Artificial intelligence
    well, let’s be honest, now pretty much everything is under the
    dominance of Artificial intelligence.
    Why? It can perform tasks quickly and more efficiently than a normal
    human. There are plenty of reasons why companies are using this
    technology, and here’s a small tip to help you understand.
    This technology can analyze the behavior and search patterns of your
    customers, and helps to understand your customers better.
  1. Conversational marketing
    Remember the talk about chat bots, well, people want a one on one
    interaction with an immediate response, whenever a question arises in
    their minds. And so, Brands are using Conversational Marketing to fulfill
    this need, it’s a way of interaction between the customers and the
    service provider.
  1. Personalization
    Now, if you want to make your brand stand out in 2020, it’s important to
    offer personalized experience to your customers.
    It’s Attractive and makes your brand and services unique. Personalized
    marketing includes, personalized content, emails, apps, and services.
  1. Video marketing

Isn’t it a lot easier to know about
something if it’s in a video format
Rather than normal text-based

Yes, it is. Your site is most likely to
get a higher audience if there’s a
video present. Visual representation works better in 2020.
Because it’s easy to see and understand. Videos gets your website or
page 50 times more audience if compared to text.
There are many platforms where you can promote your services and
brand and get more audience, that are- Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,
twitter, YouTube, and many more.

People tend to use social media platforms more nowadays, so your video
will get much more audience if you target your audience here, and Off
Course, don’t forget about all the other channels!

  1. Influencer marketing –
    when a big entity promotes something, it can boost the reach of your
    brand and services. People like influencers have a large audience, trust
    and affinity.
    This is one of the top ways to spread the word about your business and
    services to a very large audience.
    Influencers can be known celebs, but most of the time they are
    personalities that focuses on Instagram or YouTube.
  1. Social media stories
    we all know what are social media stories, it can be a photo, a short video
    and it disappears after 24 hours of posting.
    There are many perks of using social media stories to spread brand or
    business awareness. Such as-
     Obviously, it increases brand awareness.
     Constant engagement with your audience.
     It increases traffic to your web page.
     Polls on Instagram to gain feedbacks and suggestions from your
    audience, and to get to know their needs better.
     Adding links to your stories for your website or maybe a specific
  1. Voice interaction –
    people like to talk when wanting to know about something, in that
    case, smart devices like Siri, Alexa and more are catching up to that
    expectation. Sometimes, people feel uncomfortable if they have to
    interact to another person, machines can be more friendly and less
    awkward for such people.
  1. Visual search
    Wouldn’t it be amazing If you could just find something online with just
    a picture of something similar to that?
    Well, that’s exactly what visual search is. It allows users to find different
    products with just a similar photograph of it.
    Some examples of apps that can do that for you are- snapchat lens,
    google lens, Pinterest lens.
  1. Social messaging apps –
    If you think that social messaging apps are nothing but a platform that
    allows you to chat with your friends, then you’re wrong here.
    There are millions of people active on social messaging apps,
    You can directly send messages regarding your services; discount offers
    and reach out to more people and spread awareness about your brand
    or business.

In conclusion, online digital marketing trends aren’t the stress-free
things to predict. Times have altered. Having an attractive slogan and
virtuous logo won’t do the work alone. You partake to think of digital
marketing as an up for of chess Game. Think three steps forward and
you’ll every time be forward of the competition. Keep in mind your
opponents are also trying to money in on the latest marketing trends,
which is why you should get to work on developing your marketing
strategy/plan accurate manner.

-Meka Pramila

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