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What is a Backlink?

A BACKLINK is a link which  created to link one website to another website. Backlinks to a website are  also known as “ Inbound links” and also as “Incoming links”. These links are used to enhance good Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks helps to get your website more popularity and good importance with search engine. A backlink is building block to finest SEO. The more the website is linked with backlinks, the more credits the search engines, like Google etc.,  will give your website, applicable for search query. And the backlink you are using to your website should be in high quality.

IMPORTANCE of a backlink?

Back links are the crucial factors for any search engines. Backlinks play important role in SEO. Generally having 40 to 60 backlinks to a website in phenomenal and below 40 is not that great. Backlinks helps Search Engine Optimisation to

  • Improve better search engine rankings.
  • Fast indexing
  • Backlinks helps to get referral trafficking.

It is not okay by creating high number of backlinks, they have to be in high quality. You have to create a backlink with the content, relevant to the content in the website. Then only the backlink you provide is determined as quality based backlink. Content of the site is crucial for search engines to define the quality backlink. If you create content in your website is about “Indian history” and the backlink you provide is about “ Geography” then the link is not a quality one. The more relevant inbound links to your site helps to determine the quality of your link.

It is simple to get a high quality backlinks. By having quality backlinks you can attract more visitors to your website. There are simple applications to follow to generate finest backlinks to website. In this article I am showing the exercises to provoke good backlinks to your website.

By using SOCIAL MEDIA platforms

Use Social media is the best way to generate high quality backlinks free. Your links on social media is a backlink. Social media post with your website URL is also a backlink. Creating backlink with social media is not only a easy one but also this way Is more easy to create quality backlink. Social media platforms are also a websites. You have to post your link with URL in social media post to create effective backlinks. It may get more visitors to your website. Joining groups in Facebook etc., and post your URL of website also a best manner to get a backlink and to get more visitors. If your website has link with Face book, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., and the URL is in bio, then it is also a backlink. Share your content in social media and if the visitors like the content then they will use the backlink to visit your website. This helps to grow guests to your website.

Writing a GUEST POST

Get backlinks by writing guest posts. This Is the most effective practice to generate a backlink. If you are writer, then writing guest post is a best way to build a backlink. Write the post on others website and allow them to write their content on your post. This will get your website more visitors and a quality based backlink. But this is not a best way when you are not a writer. This technique  is more effective when you’re a best writer. But not preferable for non-writers. Guest posting is not stressful for writers, but for non-writers like me, it is somehow stressful.

Use FORUMS to build backlinks

Forums are great places to ask questions, give answers and also create your own post. Forums like quora, reddit helps for construct backlinks. Give answers to many of the questions and add your website link this will count as a backlink. This practice build quality backlinks and works as best effective backlink. Some forums also provide the opportunity to give your all information. Where you can paste your URL also. And also forums contains many users, which helps to grow guests to your website.


Infographics are a fast way to get backlinks. Create we designed infographics. If you are not well determined of creating infographics then, make sure to take the help of a graphic designer.

Create YOUTUBE videos

Create youtube videos relevant with your content in website, thus will work as a best way to build backlinks. Use podcasts, videos in your YouTube videos and add your website link in the description. This work will count as a quality backlink. YouTube also contains more users, so that your website will get more callers.

Check for BROKEN links on website

 If you write a content that ranks well on Wikipedia, then search for the relevant pages for broken links. To use this way you have to be able to replace the broken link. Otherwise, become a contributor and add a valuable content in the page is the best way to get backlinks in Wikipedia.


HARO (help a reporter) is a best website that connects reporters and content creators. They send you backlinks from high authority sites. Get backlinks from the email, respond to those emails and build backlinks from high authority site.

ASK for backlinks

Asking for backlinks is an effective way to operate a backlink. Ask backlinks those you know and give value for a link relevant to your newest post.


These are the finest operations to exercise backlinks to your website. Use these in an appropriate manner. Backlinks play crucial role in Search Engine Optimisation. With the backlinks you are easy to get more visitors. Back links can be time consuming to earn. A few steps have to follow to begin a backlink. It is better to keep a track of your backlinks to know which website links are linking back to you. Follow the easy steps and be a preferable website in Search engine.

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