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In this pandemic situation all are suffering in the internet, you came to see many things in the internet like some funny memes, some viral videos, some useful things or irritating ads, some amazing written blogs or mobile apps. Do you ever think about to create these types of things?

If your answer is yes then congrats you have made your career choice and that is career in Digital Marketing. I know your mind is asking you some random questions like: What is the scope of digital marketing? By the end, when you will reach the understanding of Digital Marketing. I am 100% percent sure that you will be convinced and make your career in Digital Marketing because it is the best choice in online platform.

How do I start?

In Digital Marketing you don’t need of any special degree, you can also do it while doing your studies. A certification of Digital Marketing will motivate you to stand out in the crowd because you already improve it and find your own dream job. It will be easier for you to achieve something more in a higher land over others.

1. People like to find out the stats and data are very much excited about these types of jobs. Pay Per Click on ads are set to analyze it and using the information to your advantage.

2. Writers love to type of write on some different topics, this is suitable as the position. in this category you can learn and do your own research as a professional.

3. Anyone with the proven Search Engine Optimization and have a good leadership skill will expand your role in the organization. You are running the forces behind company’s online presence, so you are able to stay on the top of the trends and understand how to use the traffic and increase the sales, where you improve your skills. It is also call for someone who is adaptable and will be found in the environment easily.

4. An Influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others, who have social media followers more than 10,000 and it is suitable for a great influencer. According to the marketing hub, these markets have the involvement of celebrities, Great leader, blogger and content creator and some of micro-influencers (In today’s generation many people become known as an expert in a particular area or community. Like: Gamers, E-Sports Organization, etc.) 

Why Digital Marketing?

As we all know that world is going to be digital by the end of the year. In this pandemic situation, we can say that Digital Marketing is the best choice as a career in online platform. Many of the companies including India have the online presence now and also it creates a lot of career opportunities. It is a working progress with the technology which is developed day by day, not only this you have to improve your digital marketing skills, knowledge. Where you can keep grow your career.

According to the research, it is seen that digital economy is growing more than 10 times faster than the traditional economy and the industries are being attractive in online trading likely creating the jobs as firm that aren’t. Not only it provides you the best content it also provides you various career option in the online platform. If you are interested in coding, you can go for web development which is best for web designer and if you like to write something on article or topics then content marketing is for you and so many. You can simply say good bye to the old formulas and you don’t have to waste time for sleepless night to mugging up with the formulas which is not necessity to use in your life.

So, now you want to know like how these things happen or possible to do. I am giving you some of the Digital Marketing career opportunities where you give an overview. You can take a short-term of digital marketing certification course and then you can go for any job because it is beneficiary to you, you claim a high rank position in the company. Not only these you can also go for some different career opportunities like:

1. Digital Marketing Manager: If you already work on some company before and have some years of experience in this field (Digital Marketing), then you can apply for the position of Digital Marketing Manager. Nowadays many companies try to hunt for Digital Marketing Manager because we all know that one leader will guide the whole team and processes from the front.

2. Content Writer: If you interested in writing on some topics or articles then you can join it anytime. You don’t need a specific degree for these. Even if you are writing personal blogs, there are many companies need of good content writers. So, you can go for it and it is a good choice for you.

3. SEO Expert: Search Engine Optimization have the important role in digital marketing and the SEO experts are in demand these days. Many companies want to see themselves at the top of the Google search rankings and it will happen when you have a SEO expert. They know about different types of tools which helps to pull the company’s ranking at the top of search engines.

4. Graphics Designer: Graphic Designer have heavy demand in the market. If you have some knowledge about GFX tools like adobe, then you are perfectly fit in this field. A designer needs to some ideas to make a project on it with some tool which look better in the social media market.


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