Masters in Financial Planning

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A Course on Financial Planning
As people in India grow more aware of their investment options, Financial Planning is on the way to becoming a popular and lucrative career choice today. The financial planning process needs to be tailored for each individual requirements and it is up to the financial planner to choose the best course of action to meet their investors’ goals. Our personal financial planning course is designed to train you to be able to do just that.

Scope of Financial Planning Primer Course
Our e-learning course starts with an introduction to financial planning for beginners and goes on to introduce the concept, process and strategies that go along with it. You will learn how to set long and short term goals for investment after conducting a through needs and risk analysis. The course will teach you to construct personal financial statements and portfolios with a robust allocation of various asset classes. You will through a series of interactive videos, podcasts and activities that will help you retain the knowledge you have gained easily.

At the end of the course, learners will understand the following concepts:

Financial planning process
How to set goals and assess risk tolerance.
How to process and analyze information
Construct personal financial statements
Understand the basic asset classes
Create portfolios with appropriate asset allocation strategies
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Topics for this course

65 Lessons45h

MODULE 1: Financial Planning Principles, Process and Skills

Financial planning process
Financial planning practice and ethics
Professional Skills
Regulatory, economic and political environments that affect personal financial planning
Law and compliance
Time value of money
Critical thinking
Draft Lesson

MODULE 2: Financial Management

MODULE 3: Tax Principles and Optimization

MODULE 4: Investment Planning / Asset Management

MODULE 5: Risk Management and Insurance Planning

MODULE 6: Retirement Planning

MODULE 7: Estate Planning and Wealth transfer

MODULE 8: Integrated Financial Planning

24,999.00 14,999.00

Material Includes

  • Completion Certificate
  • Assignments
  • Letter Of recommendation
  • Acknowledgement
  • Practical Training
  • Career Guidance