Spoken Hindi

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Categories Languages
  • Duration 8h
  • Last Update January 3, 2021


This course is designed for anyone who is willing to learn the Hindi language.

It is meant for people who have little or no knowledge of Hindi. This course has been designed by experienced trainers who have taught Hindi for years, the trainer speaker who are natives. This lesson includes an introductory video, plus 14 instructional videos to teach you basic vocabulary, grammar, and inform you about culture.

Over 3 hours of content including videos, quizzes and printable experiments.

You will learn about grammar, sentence structure, tenses, gender using simple sentences in Hindi.

To create virtual immersion students will be provided with real-time scenarios.

Progressive & comprehensive learning conducted in English

Additional notes within the videos for a better understanding

Topics for this course


Unit 1: Basic Understanding

Unit 2: Basic To Advanced

Unit 3: Grammar

Unit 4: Intermediate 1

Unit 5: Intermediate II

Unit 6: Intermediate 3

Unit 7: Advanced